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Joshua Krell offers guitar lessons and home studio training to aspiring musicians of all ages. Proud to serve Spokane, WA and the greater Inland Northwest.

My mission is to provide best quality instruction to my students in a way that goes above and beyond expectation.

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What are people saying about Joshua?

Joshua is a perfect example of someone taking advantage of this “recording revolution” we’re living in. I would encourage more teenagers to follow his example of taking musical ideas and just getting to work. Great job Joshua!

Graham Cochrane, Founder of the Recording Revolution

Guitar Lessons

Whether you have zero experience or have been playing for a while, our approach to the guitar will take you to the next level and help drive you forward to becoming a better musician or towards writing and producing music.

Digital Audio Lessons

Want to learn how to produce your own music at home? We offer personalized training which help you to learn the DAW (digital audio workstation) language. You’ll also be learning signal chain and microphone placement, eq, compression, room acoustics and most importantly developing your ear. The great thing, is that all of this knowledge is transferrable to whatever equipment you may use in your own home studio.

Music Production

From singer/songwriters to full bands, we have you covered. Are you a singer/songwriter needing someone to come to you? No problem! We’ll pack up our mobile studio and be at your door!

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