Joshua Krell

Music Educator | Producer | Songwriter

Joshua KrellMy name is Joshua Krell. I am a songwriter, producer and music teacher from Spokane, WA. Ever since the time I was very young, music and technology have been defining part of my life. My mother (who was a working musician) used to tell me that while she was pregnant with me, she could feel me kick in time to the music at band practice. At two years of age mom threw me on the drum kit, and since then I have had a incredible passion for music. By age ten, I was recording music in my parents basement and at age eleven I produced my first album. Over the years, many things have come and gone, but music has remained the same. Music is my calling and passion. Through music, I hope to tell a story that will help and encourage those people around me. Music inspires me and brings a joy that few other things can. Technology gives me the tools I need to make that music come to life. 

From the start I have had a fascination with how an idea for a melody or phrase of words can with the help of others can evolve into a beautiful work of art. As a musician my first love has always been guitar. I love playing and writing from guitar, and I have a huge passion for teaching guitar as well! Almost from the inception of music ability, I also developed a passion for recording and producing my music. Today it has become a service I offer people. See some of my portfolio here.

In terms of education, I have a degree from Spokane Falls Community College in Audio Engineering, earned while I was still in high school. During my time at Spokane Falls, I spent some time learning under producer Dan Mortimore of Mortimore Productions as an audio and video intern. I also worked on numerous projects with producer Jared Crabb of Crabwalk Recording Studios and producer Michael Schettler of Spokane Recording Studio.

Along my journey in life, I have picked up many valuable skills and made many friends that have made me valuable to up and coming sing songwriters and small business as well. In addition to my passion for music, I enjoy developing websites and design. I am also, an avid photographer and cinematographer. Most importantly, I have a passion for people and helping others succeed.

I currently operate Fortitude Studios, a multi media company in Spokane. I enjoy teaching guitar lessons  and free-lancing on projects whenever I can.

I always enjoy in working and collaborating with others. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

What are people saying about me?

Joshua is a perfect example of someone taking advantage of this “recording revolution” we’re living in. I would encourage more teenagers to follow his example of taking musical ideas and just getting to work. Great job Joshua!

Graham Cochrane, Founder of The Recording Revolution

As a musician myself, I can tell you that Joshua lives and breathes music. Whether playing, mixing, recording or promoting, his passion for all things music shines through.

Steven Williams, Founder at Corporate Learning Group