Learn Piano Fast

Are you tired of struggling through piano on your own? Or do you feel like current your piano teacher isn’t helping you learn songs you want to play right now? Lesson in and lesson out you feel like you haven’t learned what you want to learn? I’m here to help you to learn piano fast in an effective and practical way. I believe music not only brings joy and freedom, but also builds character and real life skills. Through music, you develop concentration, commitment, and creativity. We present a teaching method called, “the power course.”

Our goal is to help you to play your favorite songs in the least amount of time. This is possible through the combination of basic music theory and common chords and scales used in all music.

We teach students of all ages and those with disabilities. I travel to you or I can teach out of my home studio located in east central Spokane (near downtown).

I know what a difference solid mentorship has made in my life and I look forward to getting to know you more, and helping you reach your goals in an effective and unique way.

$20/half hour
$30/full hour

Learn Piano Fast