First Lesson, Pricing, and Location

lessonAre you ready to get started on lessons but you don’t know where exactly to start or what to expect at your first lesson? Here is some basic things you should know about my music lessons.

First lesson and what to bring : First lesson is my chance to get to know a little bit about my new student and for my student to get to know me and my heart for teaching. Together we will choose a road map for lessons, and set some achievable goals.

Students should come with their guitar, a notebook and pen for notes (or a device for taking notes), a three binder for lesson hand outs, and lastly a sheet of paper marked with their top 10 favorite songs with the artist/band creator.

Note : If you don’t already have a guitar contact me by clicking here, and I will consult you on an instrument.

Pricing and Frequency : Typically I recommend students take weekly lessons 4 lessons/month. This consistency is the most sure way to build your skill as a musician as quickly as possible. Students may also opt for the lesson by lesson plan which while it costs more does allow student no obligation of being stuck in a month contract.

Lesson by Lesson Tuition : Perfect for students who are just wanting to take a lesson here and there or a lesson every other week as a break from everyday life. This is a great way to relax and unwind while building a hobby.

  • Half Hour Lessons – $25
  • Full Hour Lessons – $40

Monthly Lesson Tuition : Perfect for students who are seriously interested in developing their skills with regular training and coaching: including mentoring and accountability to practice and improve.

  • 4 Half Hour Lessons – $80/Month
  • 4 Full Hour Lessons – $140/Month
  • 4 Half Hour In Home Lessons – $100/month
  • 4 Full Hour In Home Lessons – $160/month

For sibling group pricing please call (509) 951-9361 or contact us to get a quote!

Tuition payment is due first lesson of the month.

I accept cash, check, and also debit or credit. Please note : for digital transactions there is a 2% processing fee.

In event student must reschedule with at least 4 hours notice, I will do my best to reschedule with the student for that week. If the student has to cancel entirely with no reschedule, payment is still due for that lesson.

Location : I teach out of my home studio located on the South Hill. For my monthly plan students I can also come to your home for home based lessons. Please see in home lesson tuition above. If you have anymore questions please don’t hesitate to contact me by clicking here!