Student Reviews

These are testimonials from people who have studied or had children study guitar with me.

Joshua has been extremely accommodating of my busy schedule. He has excellent knowledge of guitars and was very helpful in picking out my new guitar. His lessons are straight forward and he answers all my questions clearly and concisely. He goes at a nice pace and has been great to work with. I’d highly recommend him to other people looking to pick up the guitar.

Bret Hall, Guitar Student

Josh keeps guitar lessons fun and he’s a wealth of information in sound engineering sessions as well. Highly recommend!

Justin Roney, Guitar Student

I have tried to begin playing the guitar several times over the years with a few different instructors. Josh is the first instructor I have found who is able to share his talent and passion for music in a down to earth and understandable way. I have made more progress and enjoyed practicing more than any other time that I have tried picking up the guitar. I am beginning to enjoy the sound of my own playing for the first time. I would highly recommend Josh to any friend looking to improve their ability and understanding of the guitar.

Conn, Guitar Student

Joshua has been a pleasure to have as our music teacher. He is currently doing in-home lessons with all four of my kiddos (ages 4-15) and they really enjoy their time spent with Josh. I’m excited to see how they progress musically as they continue to work with him! He is friendly, flexible and easy to communicate with. We are grateful to have found him

Michelle, Mother of Music Students

Josh has been teaching my 9 and 11 year old daughters for 5 weeks now. It’s amazing to see their progress. He is a great person and a fantastic teacher. I HIGHLY recommend him. Thank you Josh you’re amazing!!

Cliffe, Father of Students

I was self taught for about 2 years but was not going to get any better. I tried a couple other teachers without any success. Josh has a strong background in music theory and has a very systematic approach to teaching. I have been with him a short time but am already learning more than I did with other instructors or on my own.

Patrick, Guitar Student

Studio Production Reviews

These are testimonials from people who have hired me to produce or mix their music.

Recording with Joshua was such a fun experience for my band and I. You can really tell that he loves making music! He was very professional with the way he scheduled us and how he ran the studio. He made sure we had everything we needed to get a great sound. I would definitely recommend Joshua to anyone!

Jacob Rodgers, Guitar Player - 5 Times Over

I’ve worked with Josh many times, most recently to record an album. Josh is a great producer! He creates a comfortable and creative environment for you to perform in, and gives great feedback. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the best sound for your record or single.

Zach Hval, Singer/Songwriter

Recording with Joshua Krell was an awesome experience. His work ethic is unparalleled, his prices are reasonable, and his attitude and hospitality are refreshing and much appreciated. I couldn’t be happier and I definitely intend to return.

Ethan Erickson, Musician/Songwriter

I heard about Joshua through a friend, and after my incredibly amazing experience with him in the studio, I’ve decided that any artist who doesn’t recommend him is not the kind of friend you wanna have. Those who work with him know, he’s the guy you want to go to. I definitely made the right choice; he welcomed me right in and we got right to work. He made the effort to get to know exactly what my song meant to me and where I wanted it to go. As artists, we were able to effectively convey ideas and come to a beautiful conclusion: my perfect ballad for someone I love. Without his help, I couldn’t possibly have done this. It went beyond work. Josh has a passion for bringing out the best in a song. He’s a talented instrumentalist and mixing visionary, and I would recommend him to anyone.

Elaine Taylor , Singer/Songwriter

Josh is an outstanding CD music producer. He is currently producing my new full length album of original music. He has great knowledge and talent for music.
He is also teaching me to play the guitar. He knows how and when to give something new to challenge me.

Melody Biehl, Singer/Songwriter

Peer Reviews

These are testimonials from other audio and (or) music industry professionals.

Joshua is a perfect example of someone taking advantage of this “recording revolution” we’re living in. I would encourage more teenagers to follow his example of taking musical ideas and just getting to work. Great job Joshua!

Graham Cochrane, Founder of the Recording Revolution

As a musician myself, I can tell you that Joshua lives and breathes music. Whether playing, mixing, recording or promoting, his passion for all things music shines through.

Steven Williams, Founder at Corporate Learning Group

Josh is an accomplished producer. His attention to detail is very keen. He is also a very talented musician which gives him an insight into what an artist is looking for in developing a signature sound. From the initial recording to the finished product Josh brings his well rounded talents to make every project the best it can be.

Michael Schettler, Musician/Producer/Mixer